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At 14g in weight, Red flash lasts up to 60 hours. In addition to red, it also emits white light, and can also be lit all the time. Try incorporating a minimal design into early mornings in winter, late evening runs in all seasons, night hikes, and more. It can also be used as a flashing light that is a must-have item for many trail running races, including UTMF.

A small LED light that uses a lithium polymer battery that can be easily attached with a clip. For bags and clothing when running, cycling, walking, etc. It is possible to switch between white LED for the front and red LED for the rear. Bright light draws attention.
There are 6 modes for lighting.
① White 100 lights 2 hours ② 25% white lighting 12 hours (3) White flashing 40 hours (4) Red 100% lighting 2.5 hours ⑤ Blinking red (high) 13 hours ⑥ Flashing red (low) 60 hours

size diameter 35mm
Weight 14g
Battery USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery 180mAh/3.7V
Accessories Micro USB cable (B)