Bonfire frying pan deep

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Portable camping frying pan

The deep bonfire frying pan is made of iron, which is ideal for cooking.
Although it is made of iron, the main body is thin and the handle is locally procured,
It is a full-fledged frying pan for camping with excellent portability.

Bushcrafter's must-have

We will make a handle of any length by "local procurement".
This work that tickles the hearts of bush crafters and campers is very popular.
It is also characterized by being able to move away from the bonfire to a safe distance, increasing the degree of freedom in setting.
A deep bonfire frying pan that turns "time and effort" into "play".
It offers both fun and convenience.
In addition, the depth of the bonfire frying pan expands the range of cooking.

Very popular in the bonfire scene

With its original style, the “Bonfire Frying Pan Deep” that transforms into your favorite cooking utensil with an original handle looks great and matches the bonfire scene.
It is very popular not only for serious bushcrafters, but also for glamping campers who want to create a stylish campsite.
It is a camping frying pan that has become popular among serious bushcrafters not only because of its portability, but also because of its robustness and ease of cooking thanks to optimal heat conduction.

Made in Japan and does not require quenching

Since it is quenched (seasoned and seasoned) at the time of shipment from the factory, it can be used immediately after purchase.

Comes with stylish case and clasp

Comes with antique-style fastening screws and a jute bag with a ribbon. It is most suitable for presents.

how to make a handle

■ Find a suitable living tree and adjust the size with a knife
■ Because it is tapered, fine adjustment is possible with a knife.
■ Fixed with attached antique heaton screw
If you don't have heaton screws locally, make your own wooden nails (wedges).
(* Since January 2018, the “Bonfire Frying Pan Deeper” has two retaining holes, making it possible to fix it more firmly.)

What are wooden nails?

As the name suggests, these nails are made of wood.
If you are making your own on site with only a knife, it is better to work with the image of a wedge, unlike a regular wooden nail.

Open fire frying pan Deep linen storage case Antique heaton screw x 2
Diameter about 240mm
Depth about 55mm
Handle insertion diameter about 24mm
Nail hole diameter about 8mm & 5mm
Weight 705g