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Comfortable socks that do not easily generate odors even on long hikes.

Silverlight® technology for hikers, with silver-coated threads that won't wash off in the wash. Silver coating prevents the growth of bacteria. Silverlight plants a tree for each pair sold.

53% New Zealand Merino Wool, 5% Silver Yarn, 40% Nylon, 2% Spandex
Weight: about 94g (M size)

Small: 22-23.5cm
M: 24-25.5 cm
L: 26-27.5 cm

blister blast tech

To prevent blisters from forming, choose socks that dry quickly, wick away sweat, keep your feet in place (won't slip or chafe), have support and padding, and keep bacteria away from your feet. Is required. With Silverlight socks you can solve all this problem at once with one sock. The double-layer sock construction is padded to prevent foot movement inside the sock, and features silver yarns that keep bacteria at bay, wick away sweat, and dry faster than traditional merino wool hiking socks.

silver light technology

Silverlight technology, which means that the silver embedded in the sock threads will never wash out. Silver fights the bacteria that can cause foot problems like odor and blisters.

merino wool

The merino wool used for the inner material of the sock is highly absorbent and quickly absorbs and dissipates sweat. In addition, the temperature control function prevents stuffiness and makes it comfortable to wear. In addition, it is highly odor resistant and quick drying, and the silver contained in the fabric suppresses bacteria, keeping your feet dry and less prone to blisters.


The nylon used for the outer material of the sock keeps the shape of the foot, is resistant to holes, and has excellent durability. It also provides comfort by wicking away moisture and regulating temperature.

Take care of your feet on the trail

Breathable compression around the arch keeps it in place. Both heel and toe pads are soft and cushioned for 1000 miles (1600km). Compression and padding keep you comfortable on long hikes on the trail.