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"Cotton Exchange" is a bell tent with a center pole. The outer and ground sheet can be integrated with a fastener and separated.

The sidewalls of the outer foot are rolled up all around, and it is possible to use it in a well-ventilated flying style like a shelter even in the summer. Since it is a one-pole type, construction is prepared for its size. In addition, a chimney sleeve is also available, so it is a must-have item for families, old SUV and van life enthusiasts, and campers who love natural materials.

Original cotton <SPATZ Flamingo> fabric that makes the red brick roof stand out. The original fabric woven with extra-long cotton is highly waterproof, breathable, and resistant to heat. The ground sheet is made of thick PVC waterproof fabric. It is no exaggeration to say that about 60% of the tent weight is the ground sheet. It's heavy, but you can use it with peace of mind.

* About the original cotton <SPATZ Flamingo> The surface of the fabric is not treated with any water repellent treatment, and if it gets wet, the fibers will absorb moisture and clog. We use a natural waterproof function. Naturally, the lining is not urethane coated. In that respect, the waterproofness is lower than that of the urethane coating, but there is no worry that the coating will deteriorate over time or if it is stored in a dry state.

Uses original 100% cotton fabric <SPATZ Flamingo 140gr/m2> with excellent waterproof and breathability
A large tent with a ceiling height of 2.5m (at the top) and a diameter of about 4m
●Ensure a spacious entrance with poles arranged in an inverted V shape

●Thimble wall tent without inner tent
●The ground sheet and outer tent can be attached and detached with fasteners.
● Chimney opening (chimney sleeve)
- Mesh windows on sidewalls
Power cable opening 《SPEC》
Capacity (maximum) 8-10 people
●Fabric ・Outer tent: 100% cotton SPATZ-Flamingo 140gr/m2 ・Inner tent: None ・Groundsheet: PVC waterproof ・Pole: Aluminum anodized / antifouling
Please refer to the tent size attached image
●Packing size, weight 98×42×25cm, 28.6kg
Color Outer tent: Hazel brown Ground sheet: Natural white
●Accessories steel peg, guy line, SPATZ flag, storage bag

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