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The concept is a bonfire stand where you can enjoy cooking and bonfire.

“If YOKA were to make a bonfire stand, what would it be like? What would a YOKA bonfire stand look like?”

While various brands are competing with each other for bonfire-related products, I have been thinking about it for a long time, even as I put my effort into enriching the wooden furniture.

And the answer can be said to have come out precisely because we concentrated on furniture.

First of all, it is a bonfire stand that follows the key word that symbolizes YOKA, "lightly folded and portable." And the original concept of YOKA is to "make leisure time the best", in other words, to enjoy the time you are using to the fullest.

A bonfire stand that allows you to enjoy a serious bonfire with long firewood and cook in earnest.

The material is iron. At first, it has a clear coating to prevent rust, but if you put fire on it, it will burn and fly away. If you leave it wet after that, it will rust, so be careful.

Even if it rusts, it's cool.

[Bonfire stand]
Assembled size: W500 x D270 x H325 mm
Storage size: W500 x D270 x 40 mm
Weight: 5kg
Material: Steel plate 2mm
Accessories: Hemp bag for storage Country of origin: Japan

Size: W500 x D230 x H6 mm
Weight: 1.4kg
Material: Steel plate 6mm
Country of Origin: Japan