Bonfire Gotoku Pro (pure titanium hollow pipe)

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Bonfire Gotoku Pro is a flagship model of an original designed bonfire Gotoku completed with a pure titanium hollow pipe.

Speaking of campfires and bushcraft bonfires, it is still "open fire".
We don't use a bonfire stand, we dig a fire pit in the ground or make a stove with stones to make a bonfire.

Bushcraft JP's Bonfire Gotoku series uses a pure titanium hollow pipe and is designed to be lightweight and thin so that it is easy to carry even on solo hikes.

This "Bonfire Gotoku Pro" is the flagship model in the series.
The lightest and most versatile model in the series, designed from scratch by Soma, CEO of Bush Craft Inc.

Designed to easily gather all cookers in the center of the bonfire.

[Size (about)]
Length: 400mm
Maximum width: 138mm
Pipe diameter: 6mm

86g (not including stuff sack)

nylon stuff sack