BIVOUAC RATION / Tomato kick flavor

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Spicy "Tomato Kick Flavor"

40 seconds fastest with hot water! You'll be surprised how quickly it's ready. Users who have been using alpha rice (which requires 15 minutes to cook in boiling water) are pleased with the "speediness of another dimension".

The product weight for one meal is about 80g, and the size is about 12 x 18cm. Compact design that does not take up space in the rucksack. Vacuum-packed, this product does not take up limited luggage space.

About 400 kilocalories per serving. By using plenty of dried Indian rice flakes, we have achieved content that satisfies as a staple food.

The product itself is vegan. A vegan menu that does not contain meat, fish, dairy products, or eggs. Please enjoy the solid seasoning that you wouldn't think is vegan.

Tomato kick flavored rice flakes, tomato powder, soy milk, koya tofu, garlic powder, onion powder, vegetable bouillon, fried onions, sea salt, coriander, cayenne, mustard seeds

Nutritional information Tomato kick flavor Product weight: about 80g
Energy: 398kcal Protein: 7.6g Fat: 12.4g Carbohydrate: 64g Salt equivalent: 2.5g