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Material: 100% polyester
Size: (Men) S, M, L, XL (Women) S, M, L
Weight: Men / M approx. 154g
Country of Manufacture: Japan Manufacturer: Kuroishi City, Aomori Prefecture Fashion Studio Kuroishi Ltd.


RIDGE MOUNTAIN GEAR's "Basic" line shirt.

There is a product called ``Basic Cap'' that I myself wear all year round. I can't let it go anymore.
With this shirt, we aimed to create a product that you would want to wear all year long.

RIDGE MOUNTAIN GEAR's concept is to "make no difference between everyday life and the mountains."
It's a common concept, but I'm not very good at organizing things. I often find that my closet is a mess. Separate and organize your everyday clothes and mountain clothes. I'm really not good at it...If that's the case, I'd like to reduce the burden as much as possible. If you can go out into the mountains wearing your favorite everyday clothes, your closet will be tidy and your wallet will be kinder. With this in mind, I think about RIDGE MOUNTAIN GEAR products every day.

I think I was able to fully express those feelings this time. I think everyone has their own "Basic". We would be happy if you could add this "Basic Short Sleeve Shirt "Stripe" to your "Basic" lineup.

I had the idea that I wanted to make a striped shirt.

This is a personal preference, but there was a time in the late 1990s when I became obsessed with striped shirts. There was a time when I continued to wear striped shirts from various brands, from work-like shirts like "BEN DAVIS," "NEIGHBORHOOD," and "POST O'ALLS" to shirts like "COMME des GARCONS SHIRT."

I remembered that time and wanted to wear a striped shirt for the first time in a while.
However, we couldn't simply use striped cotton fabric. We searched for a thin striped fabric that was suitable for hiking and had a good impression, and chose "Primeflex® x Dot Air® 2Way Soccer Stripe."


This product uses "Primeflex® x Dot Air® 2-Way Soccer Stripes" with 4-way stretch (stretching both vertically and horizontally).

Primeflex® is an environmentally friendly stretch material developed by Toray Industries, Inc. Primeflex dries faster and has better elasticity than traditional polyester fabrics, allowing you to stay dry even after sweating.

Dot Air® is a functional material developed by Toray Industries, Inc. Using Toray's proprietary processing technology, the fabric has minute dot-shaped ventilation holes, making it highly breathable, lightweight, quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, and has natural stretch. It also has water repellency.

The "Primeflex® x Dot Air® 2Way Soccer Stripe" used this time was born by combining these two functional materials.

"Soccer weave" is a type of fabric that is often used especially for summer items. Soccer weave is characterized by fine irregularities on the surface of the fabric, which help air flow and keep it away from the skin, making it cool to wear.

Test method: JIS-L-1096 A method (Brazil method) → 77.7

[Water repellency]
No water repellent treatment has been applied.

[Water absorption (sec)]
Test method: JIS-L-1907 A method → ​​Back side 2

[Quick drying (minutes)]
Test method: ISO-17617 A-1 method → ​​31.7

[Tear strength (N)]
Test method: JIS-L-1096 D method → ​​Vertical 14.2 Horizontal 11.5

[Pilling (class)]
Test method: JIS-L-1076 A method → ​​10h 4.5

It has stretchability both vertically and horizontally, so you won't feel cramped when exercising like in the image above.


We tried to create a basic design that can be worn on a daily basis without feeling out of place. It has a relaxing silhouette that is just the right distance from the body line.

This shirt has a simple design, but we pay close attention to the details.

[Round edge]

Since it is easily affected by wear, we designed it to eliminate sharp points as much as possible.

[Top of collar]

It is also intended to be worn with the upper collar turned up. Of course, this is to prevent wear and tear, but it is also to reduce the stress of the collar tip hitting the neck.

[Corners of cuffs]

[Chest pocket body and flap edge]

These parts are made into as small a round shape as possible. These places usually have sharp edges. Therefore, it is susceptible to wear and tear, and fraying is often noticeable.
It is made into a small round to prevent wear even a little. I am very careful when sewing small rounds. The pitch of the seams is reduced, which requires more hand movements, and it is very difficult to get a nice finish.

[Collar set smaller]

The collar of this shirt uses a "shirt collar with a stand collar." The collar fits neatly around your neck because it has a stand collar.

Set both the base collar and top collar low and small. The slightly designed upper collar minimizes flapping caused by the wind.

The pattern is set so that the top collar sticks to the neck line when worn with the top collar up.

[Sleeves with momentum in the underarm area]

The armholes are large, ensuring sufficient momentum at the armpit (sickle bottom) when raising the arm.

[Fold-down stitch]

All seams are folded down and sewn. Fold-down sewing is a method of sewing by folding the fabric so that the edge seam allowance is not visible, as shown in the image above. It takes a lot of time to sew, but it is durable.

On the other hand, when sewing the seam allowance with a lock sewing machine, nails or other objects may get caught in the thread, which can cause the material to come undone.

[Snap button]

All buttons are resin snap buttons (YKK PLANCER®). There is no need to worry about losing the button due to thread breakage like with regular sewn-on buttons.

[Hanger loop]

There is a hanger loop at the base of the back collar. Hanger loops are a traditional shirt detail. I almost no longer use it in my daily life, but it's a nice detail to have while hiking.

Countermeasure against static electricity

A special discharge tape is sewn into the garment to suppress the static electricity that tends to occur with clothing made of thin chemical fibers (nylon, polyester, etc.).
(*From “Poly Basic Long Sleeve Shirt” which will be on sale from 2023)

Discharge tape was developed as a measure to reduce electrostatic voltage that has a negative effect on the human body. Discharge tape does not prevent static electricity, but by lowering the static voltage through discharge, it prevents the discomfort caused by static electricity.
By installing it, it will not interfere with equipment such as mobile phones and computers. What's more, it has the effect of keeping pollen and dust out of the vicinity during discharge.

The above discharge tape is cut into chips about 2cm long and sewn into 4 locations: 1) inside the cuffs of both sleeves, and 2) at the hem of both sides. The discharge tape is not visible as it is sewn into the seam allowance.

[Discharge mechanism]

The sketch is a diagram illustrating the state of electrons when static electricity is generated when discharge tape is not used.
When the fabric is charged with a negative charge and comes in contact with a positive charge in the air, static electricity is generated.

The sketch shown is when discharge tape is used. The "-" collects on the discharge tape and neutralizes the "+" in the air, instantly lowering the electrostatic voltage on the fabric.

*Please note that it is not possible to completely prevent static electricity.


There are two colors: "Blue x White" and "Grey x White".

Blue × White

Gray × White
*It is a navy-tinged gray.

Size Chart

This product is available in men's sizes [Men] and women's sizes [Women]. please note.

4 sizes: S Size, M Size, L Size, XL

3 sizes: S Size, M Size, L Size

There is no big difference in overall silhouette between men's size (Men) and women's size (Women), but women's size (Women) has a silhouette that is more suited to a woman's body shape, such as length and sleeve length. .

Please check the size chart below for details.

*The finished size of the product may have an error of ±1cm. Thank you for your understanding.

Size Guide [Men]

Size Guide [Women]


・Hat: Mesh Basic Cap
・Top: Basic Long Sleeve Shirt "Stripe"
・Bottom: Basic Hike Shorts
・Back Pack: Vamoose


Collaborateur introduces the people who produce the products.

The factory that produces RIDGE MOUNTAIN GEAR shirts is Fashion Studio Kuroishi Ltd.

Fashion Studio Kuroishi is a factory with about 50 employees located in Kuroishi City, Aomori Prefecture. Established in 2003.

This is a factory that specializes in sewing shirts, sewing shirts from famous domestic manufacturers all year round. We produce about 60,000 shirts a year.

Each factory has its own characteristics, such as a factory that specializes in shirts, a factory that specializes in pants, and a factory that specializes in cuts and sews.

They say, ``Mochi is a mochi shop,'' but we leave each item to a factory that specializes in making it.
We are often able to have customers point out things that we, as manufacturers, did not notice, which can lead to quality improvements.

I love making things, and of course I make them myself, but I also love these kinds of production sites.
I sometimes get asked, ``Does everything that is sewn in a factory be left to the machines?'' However, this is not always the case. Even today, there are many processes involved before a product is completed, and many people are involved.

Mr. Watanabe, the president. I work on site every day. Stepping on the sewing machine or ironing.
On this day, I was able to talk to him a little while he was producing RIDGE MOUNTAIN GEAR products.

If you have ever held the product in your hands, you will be able to see for yourself the quality of the stitching, and I can confidently give it my thumbs up.

I heard that everyone, including the staff, is studying and focusing on sewing and finishing products neatly every day. There's no lie in those words, and we produce really beautiful products every time.

“Using such amazing materials from everywhere.”
Like, "Sewing it in some amazing factory?"

I think it would be great if a sewing factory could also become a brand.

Fashion Studio Kuroishi Co., Ltd. Address: 036-0386
42-2 Kamimachi, Kuroishi City, Aomori Prefecture


If you pay attention to the following when caring for this product, you can use it for a long time.

・Please use neutral detergent when washing.
- Place the product inside out in a laundry net and wash it separately.
- Please limit the water temperature to 40℃ and avoid washing in boiling water.
・Please avoid tumble drying.

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