Deadstock US Army N-3B flight jacket

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US military dead stock N-3B flight jacket Official name: PARKA, EXTREME, COLD WEATHER TYPE N-3B WITH SYNTHETIC FUR ON HOOD
Size: Medium

Outer shell: 80% cotton, 20% nylon
Lining: 100% polyester

It is a dead stock of N-3B issued by the US military, which is rarely seen. Manufactured in 1982.

N-3B manufactured as an outer for minus 10 to 30 degrees. It was a product several decades ago, and it must have been a highly necessary product at the time, but compared to today's clothing, it is a product that can be said to be heavy and low-spec.

However, the N-3B at this time has an outer shell made of 80% cotton and 20% nylon, which is highly durable.

Clothing such as down is often made of nylon for the outer fabric,

The N-3B was originally a flight jacket, but since the 1980s it has been called an Alaskan jacket and is worn by ground crews in extremely cold regions.
The fur on the hood is designed so that the front can be seen even in a blizzard, the outer fabric is impervious to wind, and the filling is made of a material that retains heat.
Because I often put my hands in while wearing gloves, the pockets are large and easy to use. It has a button closure. The buttons are also large enough to be easily fastened while wearing gloves, and are all designed to be functional and easy to use.

size Length Width sleeve length
MEDIUM 85cm 66cm 92cm

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隼斗 平島

生まれて初めてLevel 7のモンスターパーカーを購入させていただきました。梱包も完璧で届いた品物は言うまでもなく最高でした!またお願いします!!