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ALL ELEVATION means "all elevations"
In other words, a versatile base layer that can be worn in any situation.

At STATIC, we recommend using natural materials for layers that come into contact with the skin, avoiding the use of petroleum-derived fibers as much as possible. Merino wool keeps you warm in the winter and releases heat in the summer. For outdoor use, it is a highly functional fiber that not only retains heat, but also has moisture-regulating properties, odor resistance, and a pleasant feel against the skin.

I was looking for a fabric that uses merino wool and can be worn comfortably in the spring and summer when sweating is high, and the answer I arrived at was the ALL ELEVATION blended fabric made of merino wool and recycled polyester yarn.

ALL ELEVATION rebuilt in Bishu

By teaming up with wool experts from Oshu, we have created a fabric that retains the characteristics of the existing ALL ELEVATION fabric, but is soft to the touch and easy to wear.
The uneven border mesh structure provides high breathability, and the recycled polyester yarn increases quick-drying properties. If you put on a wind shell, it will provide even more heat retention, so it can be used as an inner layer or on its own.
Of course, we use a shrink-proofing process that uses non-chlorine resin.

Environmentally friendly shrink-proofing

Non-chlorine resin shrink-proofing does not remove the scales, but rather changes the hydrophobic scales to hydrophilic ones and attaches hybrid collagen to prevent the scales from tangling together (which would cause shrinkage). It also does not use resin.

In terms of biodegradability, it is safer than chlorine resin processing, and the fabric that touches the skin is made only of wool fibers, not resin. Also, by leaving the scales that control the adjustability of wool, we have been able to create a wool product that makes the most of the original functions of wool fibers. It can be said to be an eco-friendly shrink-proofing that makes the most of wool fibers as much as possible.
I will never forget the words of a developer at a shrink-proofing factory who told me, "Since we don't use chlorine, it is safe for the health of our employees."

Product size


- Measurements are taken flat (unit: cm)
- The size indicated is a guide only, and there may be slight discrepancies between the size of the product you receive and the indicated size.

Environmental friendliness


- Chlorine and resin-free shrink-proofing
- Eco-friendly and excellent shrink-proofing process that eliminates health concerns for workers during the shrink-proofing process and reduces drainage problems
- Reducing CO2 emissions during yarn production by using recycled polyester
- The waste generated during manufacturing is recycled and turned into material for other products.
- Tags and names are made from recycled polyester and cotton
- We will not use PP bags for shipping.

Product Features


- The recesses are thin and breathable, allowing air to flow and heat to escape easily even when you are moving, preventing excessive heat build-up.
- The raised areas are slightly thicker and absorb sweat when in contact with the skin, helping to keep you warm before and after activities and during breaks.

- Made with polyester in mind for outdoor use, it dries quickly.

Product Specifications


- Material: 50% merino wool, 50% polyester
- Fit: Regular
- Weight: 135g (Medium size)
- Wool Country of Origin: Australia/New Zealand
- Fabric origin: Bishu, Japan
- Country of manufacture: Japan

Care instructions and precautions


- Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
- Hand wash or place in a laundry bag and use delicate or hand wash mode.
- Do not tumble dry or dry clean

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