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Octa®CPCP® used as fleece

The outdoor wear and active insulation categories have expanded rapidly in recent years.
Mainly overseas brands have been leading the way in product development. One of the filling materials for active insulation is TEIJIN Octa®CPCP®, which is lightweight and has high heat retention.

STATIC chose to use Octa®CPCP®, which is usually made of nylon as a lining material, as a single layer. This is because brands that develop their products in high altitude and dry climates pack Octa®CPCP® in a shell material, which makes it heavy and difficult to layer in Japan, where it is often carried as thermal clothing.

Due to its special mesh structure, it is overwhelmingly lighter than fleece that is generally considered thin, weighing around 300g, and has an excellent heat retention to weight ratio and is highly portable, making it useful all year round.



Use of recycled materials

Octa® fabric is made from two types of fibres: polyester woolly fibre and polyester hollow octopus fibre.
Of this, 53.6% of the woolly yarn has been replaced with recycled polyester (ECOPET®), reducing the environmental impact.
46.4% is ordinary polyester hollow octopus cross-section yarn.
By using recycled polyester, compared to virgin polyester Octa®CPCP®, the use of recycled polyester reduces CO2* emissions during fabric manufacturing by 23%. (*Calculation by Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd. CO2 emissions from raw materials (polymers) to fabric shipment)

What is Octa®CPCP®?

Octa®CPCP® is a mesh fleece material that combines irregular cross-section hollow polyester brushed fibers that act as heat-storing material with the mesh material on the surface.
This polyester fabric is characterized by its lightness, warmth, and good heat dissipation. It is usually used as a lining, but STATIC uses it as a standalone fleece.

Material characteristics

- Lightweight: Approximately half the weight of polyester fibers of the same diameter
- Sweat absorbing and quick drying: Approximately half the weight of polyester fibers of the same diameter
- Heat insulation: The dead air contained in the space created by the hollow section and eight protrusions provides a heat insulation effect.

Product size


[2023 update information]
- Adjusted the overall size
- Specifically, the width has been extended by approximately 2cm, the length by approximately 1cm, and the sleeve length by approximately 4cm, resulting in a more relaxed fit.
- The cuffs have been simplified.

- Measurements are taken flat (unit: cm)
- The size indicated is a guide only, and there may be slight discrepancies between the size of the product you receive and the indicated size.

Environmental friendliness


- Starting from Fall/Winter 2023, we will be the first in the industry to use 53% recycled materials
- By recycling, CO2 emissions during fabric manufacturing are reduced by 23% compared to virgin polyester OctaCPCP.

- We use fabrics produced in factories in Japan that are OEKO-TEX® certified (※)
- Biomass (plant-based) is used instead of petroleum in the fabric dyeing process, reducing CO2 emissions.
- Cutting waste generated during the manufacturing process is recycled into new fabric instead of being incinerated.
- Brand, size tag, and quality label: 100% recycled polyester made from PET bottles
- This item will be shipped wrapped in tissue paper, not individually wrapped in plastic.

*OEKO-TEX® certified <br>OEKO-TEX® is a globally recognized mark of safety in the textile business. It not only certifies that products meet the world's highest standards of safety, covering over 350 types of hazardous substances, which far exceeds Japanese safety standards, but also certifies sustainable factories that take into consideration the burden on people involved in production and the environment.

Creating things that don't throw away or produce waste

ByeHello Project

Cutting scraps and collected STATIC products are recycled into polyester fibers to create new polyester products.
Furthermore, we collect, recycle and remanufacture recycled products, realizing a circular manufacturing process in which the collection and recycling of our own products is repeated almost indefinitely. This is a big step forward in manufacturing that "does not throw away" or "does not produce waste," including cutting scraps.

Product Features


- A minimal fleece that weighs just 110 g, with no zippers, hoods or other unnecessary elements
- Mesh fabric is lightweight and highly breathable, yet has excellent heat retention
- It won't get stuffy even when you're on the move, so you'll have to put it on and take it off less often
- Lightweight and compact, it is useful not only for the three seasons of spring, autumn and winter, but also as a spare warmer for summer mountain hikes.

Product Specifications


- Fabric: Octa® CPCP® 100% polyester (53% recycled polyester)
- Fit: Relaxed
- Weight: 110g (Medium size)
- Fiber/Fabric Country of Origin: Japan
- Dyeing: Japan
- Country of Manufacture: Japan

Care instructions and precautions


- Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
- Hand wash or place in a laundry bag and use delicate or hand wash mode.
- Do not tumble dry or dry clean
- The fabric is vulnerable to sharp objects, so please be careful when treading through the bush.

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