measuring drip pot

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Drip pot Zebrang that measures the amount of hot water and allows you to see the flow of hot water

The translucent design allows you to see the movement of the hot water, making it easier to control the extraction and supports hand drip. Also, when drip coffee, it is important to pour hot water thinly, and the tip of the spout is thin, so it is easy to pour hot water thinly.

Transferring boiling water to a metered drip pot lowers the temperature of the water, bringing it closer to the recommended temperature of 93°C for brewing coffee. Because it is made of PCT resin, it is strong enough not to break even if dropped and has sufficient heat resistance. In Western countries, it is a safe material used for baby feeding bottles.

Product number ZB-MDP-35B
Product size Width 177 x Depth 78 x Height 128 mm
Capacity Practical capacity: 350 ml
Weight (including individual boxes) Approx. 150 g
Material: PCT resin Country of origin: Made in Japan