2000 Series

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The Beast Maker 2000 is a fingerboard synonymous with the Beast Maker, loved by top climbers around the world. The Beastmaker fingerboard is an eco-friendly training board made from a single piece of tulip tree. The natural wood does not wear out the skin on your fingers, and there are a variety of well-thought-out holds that enable efficient training while reducing the risk of injury.

Beastmaker 1000 vs 2000 comparison
The big difference is that there is only 1000 gabber on the top and 2000 has a 45 degree sloper. There are other minor differences, but the 1000 is a beginner to intermediate board. Suitable for forearm training such as pull-ups and locks. 2000 is an advanced board. Perfect for training the base of your fingers with a variety of shapes.

Beastmaker's fingerboards are used by top climbers around the world, and can be used in conjunction with a dedicated app to keep you motivated.

Beast Maker 2000 has the following holds:
45° sloper
35° sloper
20° sloper
Medium 3-finger pocket
Small 3 finger pocket
slot cover
large and small incut rungs
Two finger pockets with different depths
Large and small outward tilting two-finger pockets
Outward leaning single finger pocket with different angle

Size: 58cm (width) x 16cm (length)