Bonfire fried rice set

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The beaten egg being cooked in an iron pot heated by the flames of the bonfire, the sound of the pot rubbing against the tadpole, and the fluttering fried rice that is fanned and danced seem to have a magical power that fascinates many people.

Chinese iron pot (easy to carry size with hanging hook), booster (stainless steel split type that raises the flame in a chimney effect), Otama (hard to use) that make such bonfire fried rice fun outdoors. iron) three-piece set. Please try to make delicious fried rice using these. JIKABI ( S. / M. / L. ) can be used for all.

You can also cook by placing a frying pan dish on the booster. Although it is a dedicated machine for bonfire fried rice, it can be used for simmering, grilling, steaming, etc. in addition to stir-frying. Comes with a storage bag.

Contents wok x 1, booster x 1, ladle x 1, storage bag x 1

・Wok body: iron, handle: black walnut
・Booster: Stainless steel
・Otama: iron, handle: black walnut

Diameter approx. 23.5cm, size including handle length approx. 38 x width approx. 23.5 x height approx. 11cm
Weight about 560g

Assembled diameter about 22.5 × height about 12 cm,
Storing length approx. 20 x width approx. 17 x height approx. 7 cm
Weight about 475g


Size including handle Length approx. 30 x Width approx. 7 x Height approx. 5 cm
Diameter of scooping part about 7cm
Weight about 100g

Manufacturer Makizuka Iron Works

■Notes ・We are not responsible for any troubles related to the resale of our products, listings and sales on auction sites, etc. There is a difference ・Please be careful not to cut your hand on the edge of the product by wearing gloves when handling the booster.
・Do not use the booster with a heat source other than a bonfire.
・Be careful not to burn yourself, and handle it after it cools down.
・For woks and ladles, the surface is pre-baked with oil to prevent rust (equivalent to seasoning). No seasoning is required before use.

・Although patterns such as uneven color and spots may appear on the surface, this is caused when oil is baked as a post-processing, and there is no problem with the product.
・There are fine scratches and uneven coating that cannot be avoided in manufacturing. Please note.
・If the surface coating comes off, you can use it for a long time by seasoning it again.

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