Bonfire dedicated sheet (black silicon model) 95cm X 60cm

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It is a basic camping etiquette not to damage the ground with flying sparks from bonfires and BBQs. Please use the bonfire sheet to minimize the damage to the ground plants and underground microorganisms caused by flying fire from the bonfire stand and grill stand.

Developed as a dedicated sheet for bonfires, it is resistant to heat with a heat resistance of about 550°C, blocks radiant heat generated from the bonfire stand, and reduces damage to the ground, lawn, and wooden decks when sparks and embers spill. Please enjoy the bonfire while considering the environment without burning the ground!

・Size When using: Approx. 95cm x 60cm Weight: Approx. 430g

- Lightweight and foldable for convenient carrying. Items for solo to 2-3 person camping.

Material: Glass fiber with silicon processing. Since both sides have been treated with silicon, there is no tingling pain that is unique to glass fiber, and it feels good to the touch, so it is recommended for users with sensitive skin who are not good at glass fiber!

・Material: Since it is treated with silicon, it can be washed with water if it is light. It is thicker than a normal bonfire sheet, so it protects the ground from flying fire.

・ Because flame-retardant thread is used, the thread will not break even if sparks fall.

As it has an eyelet, you can rest assured that you can peg down even when the wind is strong. The grommets are crimped on the part where the sheet is folded three times, giving it high strength. You can rest assured that you can peg down even when the wind is strong.

It can be used not only as a bonfire stand, but also as a tabletop barbecue grill by folding it in two. It is a sheet that can be used for camping, barbecues, and other various scenes. Great success, you can enjoy bonfires anywhere! Protect the earth from sparks.

・Reliable Japanese brand. In case of initial defects or defects, we will respond as soon as possible, so please contact the seller. Also, if you have any questions or problems about the product, please feel free to contact us at any time.