Temagami 14C28N

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The 2022 Temagami is a model that uses Sandvik14C28N stainless steel blades and has excellent strength and durability.

This model is a cutting-edge outdoor knife that combines the knife knowledge of real outdoorsmen with Helle Knife's history and craftsmanship, and is the first (half) full tang knife made by Helle Knife.

The half-full tang construction allows you to see the blade along the spine of the handle, but the bottom of the handle is covered with wood, making it comfortable to use in cold climates. The tongue (the blade part inside the handle) is also designed to be thicker, achieving higher strength.
The curly birch handle is hand-finished and has a shape that reduces fatigue even during long hours of work.

The tongue part is fixed with two thick brass rivets and a pipe rivet. It has a sharp edge that can be used right out of the box, and the spine (back of the blade) has an edge, so it can be used to light a fire with a fire starter.

Comes with a beautiful tan leather sheath that attaches to your belt.

Product number 201300
Production year: 2022 Design: Les Stroud
Accessories Cross blade material Stainless steel (Sandvik 14C28N)
Pattern material Curly birch
Sheath material Leather (genuine leather)
Size Blade length: 110mm, Blade thickness: 3.0mm, Handle length: 120mm
Weight knife approx. 155g

■Notes: The engraving position on the blade may differ from the photo depending on the production period.
・As it is a natural material, there may be individual differences.
・As it is handmade, there may be some scratches or scratches.
- Carrying this product without a legitimate reason is prohibited by law.
・If you are under 18 years old, please do not purchase this product.

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