Sports tenugui / tie dye turquoise orange

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While using three distinct colors,
The cohesive sense of balance is unique to CHAORAS.

As it is hand dyed, there may be individual differences,
If it is a towel with a high proportion of indigo,
When viewed from the front, the whole body is indigo and looks tight.
A hint of turquoise and orange color.
I love the way it looks like you're playing with it.

Please fully enjoy the goodness of a 110cm sized sports tenugui.

“What is the popular tie dye?”
Tie-dye is a coined word that comes from Tie (tie) and Dye (dye).
This is a term used as a general term for tie-dyeing.
By expressing patterns using multiple colors
You will create a completely original one-of-a-kind item.

What is a sports tenugui?

Mountain climbing, trekking, trails, running, etc.
This tenugui is recommended for outdoor activities.

Adopts functionality that is easy to use outdoors,
It was designed with a balance in mind that blends in with nature.

From weaving the fabric to sewing, dyeing, and packaging.
All products are made in Japan by Japanese craftsmen.

★Points of sports tenugui
・Overlock processing to prevent fraying
・Uses bamboo rayon, an original yarn with excellent water absorption and quick drying properties.
・Long 110cm design makes it easy to wrap around the head and neck

Size: approx. 31 x 110cm
Material: 50% cotton, 50% bamboo rayon
Place of production: Japan (Made In Japan)

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