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Fits well on stoves of various shapes.

Multiple hooks are provided on the back side so that it can be used with a wide variety of stoves. By attaching two claws to each side and two claws to each corner, even if the stove type is different in shape and size, it fits into the groove between the claws and creates a stable base. Also fits cassette stoves.

Improve the stability of hot sand solo .

"What is the concave shape on the stove supporter?" The answer is the handle stand for Hot Sand Solo . This "support" that prevents rattling and shaking greatly improves the stability of hot sand solos. It is a convenient tool that can be baked without hands in response to requests received so far.

compact fryer,
Safe and non-slip.

The texture is a matte texture with a little roughness. This is a device for a sense of stability that makes the flat bottom surface of the cookware less slippery. It's hard to worry about scratches, so please use it vigorously.

such as coffee pots,
Sitting is good.

In addition to hot sand solos and compact fryers, it is also ideal for coffee pots, milk pans, espresso makers, etc. By heating small-sized cookware, we show performance.

hang it on a hook
Hook it on the stand.

It has a loose design that looks like a square frame connected, so it is full of hooks. If you hang it on a range hood or wire rack, you can always get it quickly.

part number 4w1h_004
size 132 x 132 x height 23 mm
Material Body / steel (silicone resin coating)
weight about 150g
Color Black (body)
Country of origin Japan

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