Arc type forged peg BITE STAKE

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Arc type option

The peg is an arc type that breaks the fixed concept of a straight object.
The calculated curve not only looks beautiful, but also has high resistance.
A completely new form of forged peg that combines unique design and functionality.

Easy flat design

The flat design makes it easy to carry, store and store, and can be compactly packed to reduce the burden of camping.
Space saving is also possible by stacking in the case.

Compact and functional head

A compact and functional head with plenty of room to hang a rope, a hook that does not come off easily, a striking part that is easy to hit, a guide for driving angles, a hole for removing pegs and a rope for marking, etc.

30cm class pegs are the mainstream in Japanese camps,
BITE STAKE is 229mm.

If anything, it's a 20 cm class.

Still the resistance to the rope is
It boasts a number that is almost on par with 280mm. *1

Pull-out test 64 times in total

We conducted a comparison test with a 280 mm peg, aligning the conditions as much as possible, and quantified the pull-out resistance.

As a result, it is 18.2% shorter than 280mm.

Average 513.9N (95.2%)
Median 494.0N (97.7%)

And record the numbers that are almost lined up. *1

The pull-out test is available on YouTube.

*1 The simple pull-out test was conducted in-house and does not guarantee numerical values.

high bending strength

6 in total, 3 in length and 3 in width.

Results of a bending test performed by a third-party reliability evaluation organization

2000N (203.9kgf) in both vertical and horizontal directions
will exceed

It was found to have sufficient bending strength.

In particular, the average value of 2771N at the beginning of vertical bending is
280Kgf or more.

Forged by artisans, stable performance

A craftsman's hand is always required to accurately operate the air stamp hammer used for forging.
Sparks from materials heated to over 1000°, echoes of sound, and sensations in the hands.
We search for the best condition for each product with subtle differences in how it is struck.
BITE STAKE, which has been hammered with many years of experience, exhibits stable performance.

This is comparable to the load capacity of guy ropes used in general tents and tarps.


Total length 229mmm : Width 8mm~21mm
Weight: about 175g
Material: SS400 steel, chrome plated Price: 648 yen (tax included)/piece

*There are individual differences in size and weight.