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Material: 100% Wool (Merino Wool)
Size: S, M, L (Men) S, M (Women)
Weight: Men / M approx. 444 (Heather Charcoa) *Colors may vary slightly. 10oz.
Country of Origin: Japan Producer: Minato-ku, Tokyo BB Association Co., Ltd.

Below from RIDGE

For myself, one of the items I always wear in the chilly season is the "sweat".
I wanted to make that sweatshirt so that it would be comfortable to wear while hiking.

I thought that "cotton", which is the representative material of sweatshirts, is not suitable for hiking.
Is it polyester or merino wool?

I often see sweatshirts made of polyester. So let's make this one with merino wool. With that in mind, the production of this "Merino Sweat Shirt" has started.

As you can see at the bottom of the page, we consulted with "BBA ASSOCIATION" about the production of this Merino Sweat Shirt. I think that "BBA ASSOCIATION" is one of the best cut-and-sew manufacturers in Japan and is particularly good at sweatshirts. FilMelange, which is also our own brand, also develops many sweatshirts.

It was in March 2020 that I created the first sample with "BBA ASSOCIATION". A little bit of a fix from there, December 2022. The product has finally come true.

Whether hiking or everyday. It's a cliché, but it's true. Please try our 100% merino wool sweatshirt! ︎


This product is made from 100% Merino wool from New Zealand.
Of course, the fabric is washable.

The knitting method adopted this time is a knitting method called “fleece lining”.
As shown in the image above, the back side is piled (looped) like a towel fabric.
In addition, there is a process called "back raising" in which the back side is processed like fleece.
The "fleece lining" has more area for air to stay in and has an excellent heat retention ratio. There will be many situations and seasons. Above all, I think that "sweat" is fleece.

The size of the loop in the image above is called "dotoku", and when making this fabric, we adjusted the loop over and over again to arrive at this fabric. The comfort and durability will change by stuffing the eyes and making it sweeter.

The fabric is knitted at a factory in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture.


The design is simple and basic. Raglan sleeves are used.

The ribs on the cuffs and hem are thick ribs with a vintage feel.

If the cuffs are left over and loose, fold the ribs as shown in the image and roll them up to wear. This is fine.

V gusset at the neck. This is also one of the details often seen in vintage sweatshirts.
The image above is the triangular part. There are various theories about the role of this detail, such as "stopping sweat" or "stretching reinforcement" at the neck, but I use it as a "symbol" of sweatshirts.
There are two ways to attach the V gusset, the "inset type" and the "paste type", but this time we have adopted the "paste type".


As you carry the backpack on your back, the fabric may become fuzzy or pilling due to the friction of the W Russell mesh and the tapered part. Like the red part of the image above, it is often seen in places where force is applied and rubbed.

This is a phenomenon that cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the fabric and knitting. Please note.

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