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A multi-sheet non-woven fabric made possible through collaboration with a non-woven fabric manufacturer.
Non-woven fabrics are familiar materials for masks and protective clothing.

Although it is not completely waterproof, it can also be used as a cover or tablecloth for temporary protection from the rain. It can be easily cut with scissors, so you can use it in the size you need.
Recommended as a material for sewing items!

The real camouflage pattern is a completely original design from the one and only WHATNOT.

Product size (approx.): Width 1500mm x Height 2000mm
Package size (approx.): Width 220mm x Thickness 15mm x Height 310mm
Weight (approx.): 260g
Material: Polypropylene (water repellent)

★It is not as thick as leisure sheets and ground sheets.
(Since it is a non-woven fabric, it will be a thin fabric similar to the fabric used for masks etc.)
・It is not completely waterproof.
・Please keep away from fire.
・Effectiveness of water repellent finish decreases with use.
・Cannot be washed in a washing machine.

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