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Hot sandwich using 2 pieces → Waveform dog using 1 piece.

``Can you make a hot sandwich with just one piece of bread?'' This is the shape that made it possible. You can make a new type of hot sandwich that wraps the ingredients tightly in a single piece of bread. It's perfect for busy mornings because you can bake the bread without cutting the ears. By heating it over low heat for about 5 to 6 minutes, you can create a quick and well-balanced breakfast with crispy edges and soft, piping hot insides.

It has a nice texture and cute, crunchy edges.

There is a reason behind the unique waveform edges! When closing the hot sandwich maker, we researched the optimal shape to ensure that the edges of the bread do not stick out and are tightly crimped.

It prevents ingredients from spilling,
You can eat it quickly.

The finished product is bite-sized so that even children can easily eat it. You can eat it quickly while holding it with one hand, and the thick, juicy ingredients don't spill out easily.

In two-tone color,
Prevents return mistakes.

A hot sandwich that is flipped and grilled on both sides. We designed it in two-tone color so that even if you're cooking while doing other things in the morning, you won't be left wondering, "Did I burn that side?"

the upper and lower plates,
Detachable type that can be removed and used.

In response to many requests, we have redesigned the plate so that it can be attached and removed while still making it easy to hold ingredients. If you remove the top, place a plate on it, and flip it over, you can serve piping hot sandwiches without touching them.

Useful for making bento boxes,
It can also be used like a frying pan.

One of the fun things you can do because it's removable is grill-style cooking by using only one side as a frying pan. In addition to sauteing sausages, why not try using it to make small side dishes that are perfect for lunch boxes, such as fried eggs or meat-wrapped asparagus?

Remove and wash at any time,
Easy to clean and hygienic.

Since the removable part is removable, you can thoroughly wash every nook and cranny every time you use it, making you feel refreshed. When you want to use it again, just insert the other end into the mouth of the horizontal length and hook it. You can also use it in the dishwasher, but be careful as the paint will easily peel off.

Product number 4w1h_001R
size Approximately 140 x 285 x height 40mm
Material Body / Aluminum alloy (surface treated with fluorine resin)
Handle / Phenolic resin fittings / Stainless steel rivets / Copper
weight Approximately 405g
Color Black x Silver (main body)
country of origin Japan
others Not compatible with IH

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