Regulator stove ST-310

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A single burner that uses CB cans (so-called cassette cylinders).
An integrated model that connects the cylinder directly to the burner.
Equipped with a newly developed micro-regulator, it maintains high heating power even when the temperature is low.
If you use a large trivet (sold separately), you can use a large pot or frying pan, expanding the range of cooking.
A very popular stove that comes with a storage pouch for excellent portability and storage.

● Manufacturer model number ST-310
Dimensions Width 166 x Depth 142 x Height 110 mm (when used, body only)
Width 140 x depth 70 x height 110 mm (when stored)
350g (body only)
● Calorific value * 1
2.9 kW (2,500 kcal/h)
●Usage time*2
About 1.5 hours (when using one ST-760)
●Container used
Container for SOTO products (ST-760, ST-700)
●Ignition method Piezoelectric ignition method ●Materials Burner/Equipment plug knob: Stainless steel, Cylinder holder/Ignition switch: Resin ●Accessories Storage pouch Remarks Cylinders are sold separately.
*1 Calculated from combustion data for 5 minutes after ignition at a temperature of 25°C in windless conditions.
*2 Calculated from combustion data for 30 minutes after ignition at a temperature of 25°C and no wind.