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Pillow cover/poly suede: P100%
Other cloth: Ny93%P7%
Pillow body: urethane chip, polyester cotton storage bag/outer material: P100%

Pillow body size: Length approx. 25cm x Width approx. 43cm x Height approx. 10cm
Storage size/Diameter approx. 15 cm x Height approx. 27 cm
Weight/About 360g

It will be a camping pillow designed with Jerry Ukai's request.
Mr. Ukai was responsible for the selection of the surface and storage case graphics and the color of the fabric.
Below is a request from Mr. Ukai.
1. When you wake up in the morning, most of the camping pillows are gone. → Install a stretch cord that can be fixed to the mat.
2. I want to have a "smartphone", "headlamp", "car key" and "glasses" at my bedside. → Multiple pockets and D-cans are placed on the panels on both sides.
3 & 4. I want to have both storage and comfort. → The contents of the pillow (urethane chips and synthetic cotton) are blended many times to achieve the optimum balance of hardness, resilience, and storability. We also created a compact storage case that can be stored in the side pocket of the pillow.
5. The texture and hygiene are also important. → We chose a brushed material that feels good on the skin, and made it possible to remove the cover and wash it.
* If you want more lightness (portability), you may carry only the cover and pack a change of clothes and cold weather gear.